Thursday, October 03, 2002
Feeling old...

I managed to borrow the car to visit Shiv and go to the first meeting of AACF at the UW tonight. Sure, I'm graduated from college and everything, but it was nice to visit my old fellowship and see some friends I haven't seen in awhile. Freshman turnout was big, which is good... of course, the real test is always how many will stay past the 3rd and 4th weeks... especially since the UW AACF no longer has a full-time staff worker, I'm thinking AACF will be especially hard-pressed to keep people, since a full-time staffer usually has the time to meet with new people (have coffee, go out to eat, etc.) and generally encourage people to come to AACF.

I hope things go well, though... this year's leadership team did a great job putting God in the forefront and making the meeting fresh with worship, the skits, icebreaker, and of course... the new video that Chong, myself, and the rest of the people slaved over. I'm proud of them.

I don't think I'll be regularly attending, though... my time has passed. It's time for the young bucks to step up, 'cause as Abe and I remarked to each other during the meeting...

Garrett: "Hrmmm"
Abe: "..."
Garrett: "You feel old?"
Abe: "Yeah."
Garrett: "Me too."

Ah, college... haha.


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