Wednesday, October 30, 2002
This check list can help you determine if you or someone you know is suffering from clinical depression. Please click in the boxes that apply to you. (the things one finds online)

x Feelings of sadness and/or irritability.
(check, pretty much everyday except Mon)

x Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed.
(check, even Warcrack is getting stale)

x Changes in weight or appetite.
(check, I'm on the 1 meal-a-day-plan)

x Changes in sleeping pattern.
(check, my regular hours suck)

x Feeling guilty.

x Inability to concentrate, remember things, or make decisions.
(check... hrm)

x Fatigue or loss of energy.
(check... it's a struggle to move at times)

x Restlessness or decreased activity noticed by others.
(check... restless)

x Feeling hopeless, or worthless.

Thoughts of suicide or death.
(hmmm... who doesn't think about death?)


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in?scrip?tion (n-skrip-shun)n.
1. The act or an instance of inscribing.
2. Something, such as the wording on a coin, medal, monument, or seal, that is inscribed.
3. A short, signed message in a book or on a photograph given as a gift.
4. The usually informal dedication of an artistic work.
5. Jeremiah 31:33

the facts.
name. Gar AKA "that Chinese guy" "Sleepy.McSleeping"
ethnicity/nationality. Chinese/American, 4th gen.
location. Sea-Town, WA, USA Kawanishi, JAPAN
occupation. less-cynical poor grad student
age. younger than you think, older than you know



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