Sunday, October 06, 2002
Busy day...

Another action-packed Saturday for me. For most of the afternoon, I finally got a chance to hang out with Justin and Akito (JKohrean & DisgruntledLemon respectively on the IIStix Boards) in a mini-IIStix Seattle meet. Two of Justin's friends, Tiffany and Karen, also came along with Shiv and Simon. We ate pho at Than Bros' (yum, free cream puffs), poked around Seattle's famous Asian grocery market Uwajimaya's (bought me a load of Asian snacks), and then had boba cha at Pochi's on the Ave (we ended up playing spoons for a couple of hours, heh). All in all, it's was a lot of fun. I guess I'm one of the fortunate few who's never met a psycho yet off the internet, hahaha.

As a humorous side note about what a small world it is, it turns out also that Tiffany is the niece of my old junior high fellowship counselor, Les Lung. Small, small world.

For night time, I of course went to CBC to counsel for BASIC. It was another big night, about 30-40 kids. It's amazing how many God is bringing to the church every Saturday! To a jaded geezer like me, it's nothing short of a miracle, considering when I was in highschool, the last place I'd want to be hanging out at on a Saturday night is church.

I suppose there's a lot of factors for them coming... some kids come because of friends who are church kids that come. Others come to hoop it up in the church's gym... others come to just hang out. I'm still learning the faces and names, but I think I've found a way to connect to at least one group of the kids. About 6 or 7 of the guys are really into hip-hop, especially breakdancing. I suppose it may sound unconventional, but I'm going to try to see if I can bring some cardboard and a stereo for them next week. My church is pretty conservative, so I'm wondering how many eyebrows this will raise... but I figure if there's any place that's safe and where kids should be able to hang out at, it should be church. I mean, I'd much rather they'd be having a good time breakin' and hanging out at CBC then out at some juvenile party, smoking bud or picking stupid fights. Especially since a lot of these kids are from the inner city Seattle area, I'm not naive enough either to assume that they're gonna be home studying with they have friends that slang drugs and bang too. Breakdancing is a harmless hobby.

Time to burn some CDs filled with just beats/instrumentals for their b-boy sessions... (no foul language in God's house, heh).

Random note:

Did I mention I have a brand-new video card to replace my crusty old TNT2 16mb one? I picked me up an ATI Radeon 8500 LE 128mb card, normally around 150-160 bones, but I scooped up this one at a niiiice $99. It outperforms a similarly priced GeForce3 in nearly every category, and even though it ain't top of the line (drool GeForce 4 4600 and Radeon 9700), it feeds the budget.

Yeah, it's a really frivolous expenditure, given my current finances and unemployment... I suppose it's analogous to a bum spending $25 of his last $50 for a hard-cover book to read in his cardboard box, heh heh... but Warcraft3 and Unreal Tournament 2003 look so beautiful with my new video card in my baby... wh00t! Nice graphics just add to visceral pleasure of these games... especially UT2003. The graceful flow of my gun's plasma beam as it zig zags across the screen in a brilliant macabre dance... instantly fragging the onscreen body of my unknown online opponent...

It's so poetic, I could cry. =)


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