Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Because I'm too lazy... write anything with real substance, I borrowed this little survey from here and here.

10 years ago, I...

1. was put into the honors program at my jr high
2. loved Battletech
3. had long hair
4. played in an privately-sponsored jazz band
5. started listening to hip-hop

5 years ago, I...

1. just got baptized and became a member of my church
2. graduated HS and was starting my first year at UW
3. worked a whole summer in a warehouse
4. bought a Playstation to play FF7, SF Alpha 2 and Tekken3
5. thought I might possibly go pre-med

1 year ago, I...

1. was taking summer quarter
2. was looking forward to my last 2 quarters of college
3. hung out with the Maplewood apt crew all the time
4. thought I'd be able to find a job early
5. still volunteering with the little kiddies at my church

Yesterday, I...

1. woke up at 2pm
2. ate some grilled chicken over rice
3. watched Food Network
4. checked my gear for kendo
5. went to sleep at a weird hour again

Today, I...

1. woke up at 2pm
2. ate some honey nut clusters cereal
3. went to kendo practice from 7-9:30
4. bandaged my wounds
5. played more Warcraft3

Five items I have brand loyalty to...

1. Sourpatch kids
2. Cartoon Network cartoons
3. Coke
4. carmel apple suckers
5. Mike's Hard Lemonade/Cranberry Lemonade

Five things I'd do w/ $1,000...

1. Take Shiv to a nice Spanish restaurant
2. Buy parts for a new comp
3. Get a new MD player
4. Buy some new kicks
5. Get some new play equipment for the kiddies at my church

Top five locations I'd like to run away to...

1. Italy
2. China
3. Israel/Palestine
4. Brasil
5. Hawaii

Five bad habits I have...

1. Sleeping at odd hours
2. Insensitivity
3. Cynicism
4. procrastinating
5. ...

Five television programs I like and recommend...

1. CSI
2. Conan O'Brien
3. Ming Tsai: East Meets Wests
4. History Channel's "Tales of the Gun"
5. Powerpuff Girls

Five things I did 10 years ago that I'm still doing now...

1. trying to get to know God better
2. playing a lot of video games
3. going to CBC
4. loving music
5. refusing to make eye contact


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