Friday, September 27, 2002

welcome to the wasteland of myself where I reside/
a heart full of hunger gnaws from the inside/
a longing whose description can only be incessant/
craving not food but vindication of my essence/
like Lifehouse, I'm here "Hanging By A Moment"/
I'm fighting 10 rounds and faithlessness is my opponent/
stuck without a buck, my friends tell me I want a job/
but more than employment, I'm just waiting for God/
though He's close, somehow we've become distant/
am I to search now as a test of personal persistence?/
fatherless since 10, I struggled to never be a quitter/
but without you Lord, like Mara I'll be bitter/
living in a world where men such as I are just fools/
devoid of your grace, I'm raging more than any bull/
grant me perspective, and the means to live simply with/
for my request is to be neither poor nor rich/
this world's corrupted by money and this truth:/
most of the richest, in their pride forget you/
give me just enough, to care for myself and my own/
more than money, give me purpose; glory for your throne/
my earnest desire is to know only where I should go/
cover my weakness, show me where I must grow/
give me your compassion, tell me how to stop the violence/
yet I sit without answers, left to contemplate silence/
but here I wait in expectation, searching my soul/
they say things happen in your time...

...or so I've been told.


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