Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My righthand thumb is starting to grow quite large, and no, it's not because I mistook it for a nail. I went to kendo practice tonight and got it busted up during ji geiko (free sparring). While making a strike to my sparring partner with my sword, I absentmindedly relaxed my grip on my right hand. Since I was making a head strike and his body was moving towards me, the sword guard rammed pretty hard into my thumb, while my thumb was still moving with my strike. Ouch.

End result: the nail on my right thumb is cracked down the middle, in a jagged horizontal line. It was bleeding pretty profusely, luckily I borrowed some medical tape from my sensei to wrap it up. Now the blood has soaked through a lot of the tape and I'm sorta scared to peel the tape off, since it's dried. I'm sure when I take it off sometime later, my thumbnail is coming off with it. =P

On a good note I guess, is this injury to my thumb makes it a little bit more difficult to play Warcraft. Perhaps a divinely appointed injury, eh? O_o


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