Friday, May 03, 2002
Stupid heavy bookbag....

I lugged a backpack filled with textbooks up to the UW bookstore this morning, but it turned out to be a fat waste of time. Basically, no class is using any of the books (most of them still near brand-new). Since it turns out that no classes are currently using them, I can't sell back any of them. Grrrr.

I also saw something rather sad on my walk back home (with the textbooks, of course)... a dead baby bird on the sidewalk. It was probably less than 2 inches big, with a big head and body, but completely featherless with tiny wings and feet. Small, insignificant, pink little thing... laying lifeless in shade of a large tree. Makes you wonder what happened. Did some big gust of wind blow it out its nest and did it fall to its death? Had some cat killed it and dropped it there, finding it too boney? Who knows.


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