Monday, April 15, 2002
These past couple of weeks have been a little down and out for me. I suppose unemployment blues are partly to blame, but for me, what is more troubling is something else, something that's been in the back of my head probably since my senior year in high school. I'll definitely write about it more sometime, but a random revelation that I had this past month: Despite my lethargic nature, I derive a lot satisfaction from doing things for other people. I guess in a way, I like to help people, but in a more non-visible and an unseen manner, perhaps almost Amelie-esque style. Times of just being are difficult for me, because I find my significance in doing.

But all in all, Sunday was good day. Shiv is back from Cali and during choir practice today at church, the choir threw me a surprise "Happy Graduation" party, complete with song and chocolate cake. I was really touched. I guess it reminds me why I really like the choir. It's more than just the chance to sing... it's getting the chance to be young again, heh. I mean, how often does a person my age get to hang out and learn from a bunch of "real adults"? I thank God for the blessing that it is.


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