Thursday, April 11, 2002
Passion, (pash-en) n. 1. A strong emotion. 2. Boundless enthusiasm. [Latin, pati-, pass-, "to suffer"]

Today (well, technically yesterday) was a day with a couple of insights.

I woke up fairly early, 'bout 9AM to drive Shiv to the airport. Mornings are usually not my time, but she kindly brought me some breakfast, courtesy Mr. McDonald. A bellyful of hashbrowns and an egg muffin can do wonders. We got to SeaTac with plenty of time to spare, but we were delayed in finding parking (first 5 floors were full) and there was a mix-up at the counter and security (due to some faulty information given by an airline employee, sheesh). By themselves, those things are much of a big deal, but added up, it was a bit irritating. Shiv was understandably a bit frustrated, and it put a little damper on our time before she left... I felt bad for her.

Traffic didn't seem too bad, so I drove straight back to my apartment at the UW instead of my original plan of stopping by my home home. I ran a quick couple of errands, mostly revolving around picking up my last paycheck from my old job... yeah, I officially have ZERO income. Came back, took a nap, and was listening to music in bed when I got a phone call from Steph, who needed help hauling her TV & VCR for AACF. I helped load everything into her car and then hopped along for the pre-AACF speaker dinner at World Wraps in the U-Village. As a little celebration for myself, I splurged on my meal (yum, regular sized Thai Chicken + Wild Raspberry smoothie). Some boring details which really are unimportant except for the fact that I was originally thinking of not going to AACF. If it wasn't for Steph's call, I probably would not have gone... a small divinely ordained moment, since it also turned out that Christine Nakano spoke tonight in the context of the subject of living a life with "passion". The topic turned out to be very relevant to coincidence, of course.

I'm still mulling over some things that occurred to me. Maybe I'll write about them later.


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