Wednesday, April 17, 2002
half awake half asleep... the days are strange.

This week seems to be passing by faster than usual. Monday, a bunch people went out to eat at Hosoonyi's for a surprise birthday dinner for Amy Nish. Tuesday of course was apartment dinner and Helen, Kenny, and Dennis made an unusual menu... lemon chicken pasta with salad and garlic bread, and a funky coffee jello desert. I know, coffee jello... sounds strange, but it was delicious.

Random note:

Yet another reminder of the stupidity/racism that is A&F. If I saw any honky white boy wearing this shirt, I'd make 'em bite the curb. "Wong's Laundry: Two Wongs make a White!" and a picture of guys in the rice hats. Like what the hell is that supposed to mean?!! Yet another example of why America continues to think of Chinese Americans as nothing more thenalien immigrants in this country, fit to do nothing but their f%@%!#@ laundry. I swear, it pisses me off...

Check out the rest of these shirts:


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