Tuesday, April 09, 2002
The days are packed...

It's about 7:30AM in the morning right now and I'm up. Dave's alarm for work woke me up to, and I can't seem to fall back asleep... so I figure I might as well do something to keep my mind busy. Writing is as good as anything.

But speaking of busy, you'd think be graduated would afford a person more spare time... but that hasn't exactly been the total case yet. This last weekend was as busy as any I've had while I was in school...

Saturday, I had my Mom's furniture stuff to take care of in the morning, AWANA in the late afternoon, and the JEMS music concert that same night (BTW, picked up nice music there by a fellow brother named Eric Kuo. A couple of his songs can be found here.) Sunday, I pretty much spent the entire day at CBC, almost 10 hours, from 8:15AM to 6:00PM... the usual schedule of morning choir practice, worship service, Sunday school, lunchbreak, afternoon choir practice, and then CoHi prayer meeting. Pretty long-ish, eh?



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