Thursday, April 25, 2002
"...but as the world turns, I learn life is hell/ living in a world no different from a cell..."

It's not often I quote Wu-Tang in a blog entry, but this line from the seminal 1993 classic song "C.R.E.A.M." (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) comes to mind for some reason. Maybe it's because as I sit here at my computer, I don't feel very free. It's as if all the things I've pushed to the back of mind about being free have come suddenly to the forefront of my mind. I thought some parts of my life were free, but I think I was self-deluded.

1 No freedom.
2 No freedom, because I have no car and no money.
3 I have no car and no money because I have no job.
4 I have no job because I didn't have time to look for one while I was in college.
5 I didn't have time in college because I had spend my free hours studying and working to support myself through school.
6 I had spend my free hours studying and working to support myself through school because I come from single parent, low-income family, who couldn't afford to buy me a car, stocks, house, or job in the first place.
7 I have come from a single parent, low-income family because I an another human being who wasn't fortunate to be born to a wealthy, upper-class aristocratic family;
or lucky enough born a Corvus brachyrhynchos (American crow)... or a Canis lupus (wolf)...

or the most fortunate of forms of life, the Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese elm... adaptable to multiple climates, hardy, and likes sun)

In the impossible scenario in which Garrett was a tree, then I wouldn't have think or worry about a goddamn thing... cars (Toyotas, Hondas, Lexuses), money (Lincolns, Jacksons, Grants), food (Chinese, Japanese, Italian), people (family, friends, bosses, A&F goons).

I'm in a nihilistic mood... fly your Nietzsche banners for the moment, because I just want to be asleep for a little bit.

Oh yeah, the career fair is today too. Wheeee.


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