Friday, March 08, 2002
Unholy infectif-ication, Batman!!!

Well, yesterday was a new experience for me. My entire computer got infected with virus I got from downloading a simple alarm clock program from it infected every .EXE file on both of my harddrives and I had to spend about 9+ hours disinfecting them with a DOS-run anti-virus program, because the virus itself had infected every Windows-based program, including my Norton Anti-Virus! Bastard...

At least I can be thankful my computer's fine now... 'cause next week is going to be a busy week. Another two rather large papers are coming up... one on Tuesday for my OpManagement class and one on Thursday for my PoliSci class. Whoohooo!

Did I mention it's snowing here in Seattle, in March? Wacky...

Random note:

This article right here is strangely funny. From my observations of other people's relationships, it's probably more true than not... haha.


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