Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Return of the late night beast...

TacOps is officially in my blood again. I just played a 5 hours, at first as excuse that I was waiting for the shower, then as an excuse that I am raving insomniac, and then as an excuse that its something to help me keep warm (it's pretty cold, but that's another story). Something magical about the rat-tat-tat sound of the guns firing, the bullet shells hitting the ground, and the computerized yells of "Cover me!" and "Man down!" Simply too much fun... heh

Speaking of fun, Shiv and I finally caught "Amelie", this quirky French movie that Mel and Sam have been raving about for awhile. It's an independent film, so normally, I'd probably wait to rent it since it's hard to find anybody to go see independent films with. Look how long it took everyone to catch on to "Crouching Tiger", even after I saw it opening night and was raving about it!!! But I digress. Shiv told me she wanted to see after I told her how my friend Josh's GF was taking him with her to go see it, heh. So today... well, technically yesterday (Monday), we went to Bellevue to see it. Turns out it's only showing in 2 movie theatres in Seattle right now. In any case, I actually enjoyed the movie a lot. The story was original, the characters were very well-fleshed out... plus the whole cinematic style of the movie itself was very unique... lots of creative use of old footage, rapid pans and zooms. I had a lot of fun watching it with Shiv.

Well, time for a shower and sleep...


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