Saturday, February 16, 2002
Zoooom... the past couple of days have gone by pretty fast.

Thursday of course was Valentine's Day, and it's probably been the most organized day I've had yet in 2002. Not so much in the way that the day's activities were planned for me, but in the way that most of everything was planned by me. The plan for the evening was that I would cook dinner for Shiv at the apartment, so I made sure to do my grocery shopping on Monday and Tuesday, so as soon as class was over for the day, I could come back home and start cooking and finish decorating (flowers, candles, tablecloth, etc). Fortunately for me, God allowed everything to go through without a single snag... dinner turned out great (lots of food), and we watched one of Shiv's favorite movies, the Audrey Hepburn flick "My Fair Lady".

Friday, I pretty much spent working on Co-Hi video stuff with Chong (plus, the assorted actors me and him rounded up, heh). Spent hours twiddling with Adobe Premiere before we figured out some basic functions... hahaha. Funny stuff.


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