Wednesday, February 27, 2002
Poverty sucks.

Payday came and went on Monday, but I can't say I have anything in the way of money... more bills + less hours to work = broke Garrett. At least I figured out what I'll be giving up for Lent... any sort of positive balance in all monetary accounts in my name.

And with no prospect of gainful employment looming in the horizon, things look as grim as ever. I'm sure that there's some sort of valuable spiritual lesson to be learned in the midst of all of this, but my Protestant work ethic urges seem to be groaning otherwise.

Oh well... =(

Here's an allegorical illustration about my struggle with the economy right now. A lot of bravery in the face of a dumb juggernaut, but ultimately, I'm probably destined to look foolish as this kid before my existence is reduced to meat sauce.


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