Sunday, February 24, 2002
OK, now it's really been awhile since I've posted...

Last few weeks have been pretty hectic, with the CoHi (Pre-) Pre-Rally now upon me. It's been incredibly insane the amount of work of been putting in with Chong on this year's multi-media, but I think all our efforts will have paid off when the crowd sees the video. It looks super professional, plus with our trademark wit and sense of humor. Two full weekends of work... Friday, we worked from 3:30pm - 12:00am. Today... er, Saturday, we also put in a similar amount of crazy time... from about 6:30pm to 1:00am. And that's just editing and dubbing audio, too... it doesn't even include all the time we spent shooting footage during the other weeks.

This last Saturday, I also got to go see Helen Yew's brother's wedding with most of the Maplewood gang (Shiv, Ryan, Steph, Dennis). Mostly everything was in Korean, but I found the whole experience to be a lot, plus culturally educational (those violent Korean marriage rituals... dried fish whoop-age!). Plus, a wedding luncheon... how can you not pass that up?

On a side note, I also finally scanned my St. Valentine's Day pics. Here's a shot of Shiv smiling for the camera with the meal I cooked. Quite a nice pic, if I do say so myself. =)


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