Wednesday, February 06, 2002
More testing.

Yesterday, I pretty much walked into my Biz Policy/Strategy class not knowing really what to expect on the test. I think tomorrow, when I take my Operations Management test, I'll do the same thing... heh heh. I guess I could say that I feel unmotivated to make any sort of effort to change the circumstances otherwise, but I find that my enthusiasm about such things to be relatively... ZERO.

In any case, my mind is already mush from being here at work nearly 5.5 hours. Yep, I'm trying to pay those bills before I graduate and I have no job. No prospects to speak of still, but for some reason the thought of service in the military keeps popping into my head. Maybe I need to watch "Full Metal Jacket", "Platoon", and "Saving Private Ryan" some more to remind me that war is hell and armed service sucks. I suppose if I were to walk into a recruitment office, I wouldn't be able to give them the noble answer and say I'm joining up for love of my country. It's not to say that I don't have a deep respect for people in the military. Nope, the brutal, honest truth would be economics... gotta get a job, and with Mr. G-Dubya in offce, it looks like all the folks who are working for the military will be able to get some good pay and benefits. Plus, the fact that I'm a college grad... I'd probably be at least eligible for officer's training. Or maybe with my bad eyes, they'd stick me with a cushy desk job... yeah.

But seven years of my life... that's a pretty big sacrifice. Getting shipped off to Lord knows where to do Lord knows what... it would put a lot of things in my life. It's a big decision.

Anyways, I definitely should make a decision about something like that rashly... matters of such great importance as career and calling require more thought and prayer. I should be content to find a nice teriyaki-makin' job on the Ave while I wait for the economy to subside, right? heh =)


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