Saturday, January 26, 2002
Snowing, snowing... blizzard-time in Seattle.

Friday, I went to see "I Am Sam" with Shiv. I liked the movie a lot, more than I thought I would. For those who don't know what the premise of the movie is, Sean Penn plays a man named "Sam" whose mental age is only around that of a 7 year old. By some strange circumstances, he becomes a father to normal daughter, Lucy, and he raises her until she turns 7... then the plot kicks in. Child Protective Services wants to take the child away to a foster home because they believe Sam is unfit to raise a child whose mental age will soon exceed his own. Sam is forced to hire a lawyer, Rita (Michelle Pffeifer (sp?)) to help him get his daughter back. While I some misgivings about directions in the plot (Just how did Sam have a daughter anyways? What's up with the whole Asian prostitute scene?), the movie was very engaging because it was so character-driven and well acted. This is a good thing... because the movie tackles a very difficult question:

What is at the heart of being a "good" parent? What does it take to raise a "good" child?

The movie was very well-done in that respect. It's rare that such moral tales appear nowadays outta Hollywood...

Random note: I went to see the optometrist today and got new contacts / glasses. Whoohooo!


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