Thursday, January 24, 2002

That's the mantra I keep repeating to myself as once again, I find myself up doing OpManagement homework. Actually, unlike last time, I've finished the homework... so I'm looking forward to sleeping. Soon.

The past few days have been pretty filled, though. Tuesday, I had bible study with AACF guys and my Mom kindly dropped of my mail, chocolate cookies, and fleece pants... whoohooo! I'm especially thankful for the pants... thanks to my mother's expert sewing skillz, I have something with which to endure the sub-zero temperatures in my apartment...

Today, not much happened in terms of school or work, but I did manage to go to the "Minority Career Fair". To the curious, I mention the words "Minority Career Fair" in quotes because:

1. "Minority" - OK, last time I checked... white people are NOT minorities. Sure, they're entitled to finding a job just like us "colored" folks, but if you're going to have a "minority career fair" for minorities, shouldn't the fair BENEFIT minorities? Either just call the event a "Career Fair" and make it open to everybody or actually make the event beneficial to minorities by encouraging and allowing ONLY them to attend. Stupid University PR moves... don't try to look like you're supporting minority population here when you're not...

2. "Career" - The word "career" implies working a job. I doubt the majority of people will have a chance to get one from the companies at the fair, thanks to the crappy economy.

3. "Fair" - Re-read point number 1 again and take into account this observation: the "Fair" probably isn't. The majority of people getting good jobs are getting it through hook-ups and the like. The word "fair" implies fair-ness or equality, but that's the least accurate way to describe the "Minority Career Fair" and events of the type. More like "meat market of educated money whores"... Hahaha...

Yes, I'm just ranting...

On a completely different note... dessert at the Atlas with Shiv was fantastic. Uncrowded restaurant and some truly gourmet icecream... Chocolate Rum Chunk... mmmmm.


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