Sunday, January 13, 2002
Oooooh... gun lust...

Check it out: The futuristic H&K G11 rifle... fires caseless rounds that weigh half as much used in US military's standard rifle, the M16... plus a unique rotating breech cyclinder and a barrel that recoiled within the stock... mmmmm. Watch the videos on the page for a real treat...

Too bad all research into the program was stopped... or the US might have been using these beauties to be shooting Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists as scary as this, heh. =)

Random Note: This sermon is weird, because I'm in it... yet not in it. Man, how many Garrett's are running around, anyways? At least this one's a Christian, I think...

Random Note #2: Someone wrote a paper on ME! I've never even read it until now. A bit freaky, eh?


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