Thursday, January 17, 2002
My oh my, how the days pass...

It's been a quick week for me. I've been doing a lot of sleeping at odd hours of the day, mostly because I think I've been in denial about being a little bit sick. I've already missed my American Gov't lecture a couple of times because of my current wacked-out sleeping habits, but from what I hear from my peers in section... I didn't miss too much. *whew*

Of course, the week has had its share of highlights and bright spots. Monday, Shiv came over and we tried this teriyaki burger receipe from yum! Plus, we made some homemade french fries too. All in all, a great meal and a good company... Ming Tsai rocks! heh

Last night at AACF was pretty good too. The meeting was a little different, because instead of having a single speaker on the night's topic (why is community hard?), the members of CORE shared their own personal testimonies about the subject. I found it very encouraging and interesting, but then again, I probably have "testimony" bias... I like testimonies/personal sharing in general, so the night really fit the bill. God always seems to speak to me through the happenings and events around me, but especially in respect to people lives. I'm thankful for that.

On a side note, I hope I live a long and fruitful life like these guys. Someday, I imagine that'll be Josh, Chris, and me... except I definitely won't be the guy marrying his distant cousin... hahaha...

And another side note... my newest, most favorite-est TV show... Combat Missions. Super cheesy, but real-live guys doing real-life combat sim stuff... interesting enough.


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