Friday, January 04, 2002
More airports...

I picked up my uncle last night at SeaTac. He wanted to visit Seattle before my sister and I got back to school, so he's up for just this weekend. We rented "The Score" from the local blockbuster, a flick with Robert De Niro and Ed Norton... good stuff. I had low expectations (some people told me they thought the movie was too hot), but I liked it a lot. Robert De Niro is a great actor and thought his portrayal of the classic "reluctant criminal" to be pretty convincing. He proves that yes, old guys can still act in flicks like this... just look at Heat and Ronin... De Niro is the man!

On a random note, my favorite online gear store Digital Gravel, is having a 50% off sale... whoohooo! Too bad I'm dead broke... =/

Speaking of death, the days of this vacation have been passing faster than the traffic behind my house... and I smell the stench of school 'round the corner...


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