Saturday, January 12, 2002
It's been a busy past few days...

My body still seems to be adjusting to the fact that it needs to wake up at a time before noon to haul itself to school. Being this is my last quarter at the UW, I find that the senioritis is quite intense and constantly denies the reasons I give it to go, heh heh. Thursday especially was hectic day, going to school and then going with Shiv to see "Kiss Me Kate", Broadway musical at 5th Avenue. Though musicals aren't exactly at the top of my entertainment list, it's hard to find an argument against the chance to spend time with her. Besides, I really do enjoy the music, at least in the respect that the singers have a lot of talent... it's the all the silly prancing around that I can do without. =)

Friday, the day was spent going to my American Gov't lecture and working... in the evening, I went with a group of people to catch "Lord of the Rings" and eat dinner at Siam's. I think I was a bit surprised at how much I still enjoyed the movie even though I already had seen it once. The characters and cinematography are really engrossing, especially all those lush landscapes they shoot from those bird's eye angles. Makes a person want to out hiking or something...

Random note: Frank Miller's "300" is a very stirring comic, at least for young men with old men's souls like myself. Immensely lyrical in word and in picture, I think it's been a long time anything has stirred and renewed my admiration for those men who would stand and die for things people disparge nowadays like "COURAGE", "HONOR", "LOYALTY", "INTEGRITY", "DUTY"... at least, it seems virtue has been abandoned for cheaper things, eh?

Instead of real men, the "men" today seem to embrace arrogance, trash-talking, greed, and other symptoms of self-serving egomania. Maybe it's because I've been in the business school for too long (where many of these things are rampant) or, maybe it's because God has seen fit to open my eyes to it in the hearts of others. Nothing seems to disappoint and disgust me nowadays as people who look out for nobody but themselves - those who take without asking, men who would feed their own appetites without ever giving a thought to sacrifice or giving. A corrupted consumer society has raised a nation of men who are not men, but who are in truth little more than children - they whine, complain, and scream "ME ME ME MINE MINE MINE" louder than anything else.

I think I'm becoming more and more hostile to it everyday, where ever I see it in people or happening in the world around me. I wish these men, these fellow sons of Adam, would just stop and cease disgracing our gender... to restore the idea that "MAN" should be synonymous with virtue and noble character. Why should there be a distinction between being a "man" and being a "REAL man"? The way I see it, you're either a man in the "REAL man" sense or you're not a man at all...

Sheesh. I bet probably the last two paragraphs will go over the heads of least 2/3s of my gender.


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