Sunday, January 20, 2002
I went home this past weekend, but all for an eye doctor appointment that never happened. The whole thing pretty much marred my Saturday, and in not even because of the fact I couldn't see the eye doctor. Certain conversations around that time were more difficult to bear. There's nothing quite so hurtful as having to endure the unearned nagging of someone you love, but oh well... it seems to be my fate that I often must stomach that which drive less patient people to harsh words, madness and violence...

When I woke up Sunday morning, I could feel the very physical drain of Saturday morning's events. It made the day seem much harsher than it was, but I grateful that I could be blessed to attend an Inter-church praise night at CBC. God really ministered through the gift of music, and it was cool to see the usual suspects jam'n out the tune-age (Mel, Abe, G-Sak, Jon, and JC).

Tomorrow is MLK Jr. day... a nice holiday, and I guess to reflect on how far the USA really has to go in terms of granting all peoples real equality. Just look at recent events... it seems that Arab Americans now have to suffer the injustice of being the latest scapegoats for white ignorance and oppression...


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