Sunday, January 06, 2002
Airports... the sequel!

I almost simultaneously dropped off my Uncle and picked Shiv today at the vaunted temple of pavement called SeaTac Airport. It was nice seeing my Uncle Martin, or "Unk", as most of the cousins affectionately call him. He's been to Seattle plenty of times before, so he wasn't really interested in doing the usual touristy stuff, only just hanging out with my family. Pretty much all we did was eat meals together, and watch movies/TV... I guess true family is measured by the amount of normal activities you do when they're around, hahahaha. Unk is definitely one laidback guy.

Food note: fresh, well-cooked sea bass is the BOMB! I ate at my cousin Johnny's yesterday and he cooked some up with a tasty combination of green onion / garlic / butter / macademian nut... yum. Easily the best fish I've had since Brasil...

Well, it's sad to note vacation has come to an end. At least I did finally get to build and paint my Geara Doga model. The colors I used are similar, but because of the flexibility of acrylics (read:water-based), I have mine painted a jungle camoflage with pseudo-wear and tear. The only thing I have left to do is spray with a flat gloss sealant to protect the coats of paint... after that, I can apply decals and take some pictures to post... =)


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