Thursday, December 06, 2001
Yesterday was a long day.

I spent pretty much from 9AM to 5:30pm doing school stuff... had a test in the morning, and then about 6 hours in the afternoon on my final group project for my IS480 class, which thank the Lord, I finished this afternoon. The whole day I pretty much felt tired and nothing really helped too much, including an e-mail from AT&T about my application that pretty much amounts to "a lot of people applied for this internship, we have to dump a bunch of the applicants, and you're one of them..."


I guess I'd be lying if I were to say I wasn't disappointed. The internship would have been a good resume builder with the added plus of good pay and a deal on a new cellphone (which people keep asking me to get). Oh well. Back to square one in the hunt for a internship / job... *sigh*.

Another bummer was I got a gift certificate in my e-mail from Digital Gravel as a reward for my patronage over the past year. Nothing bad about that, right? I was pretty excited about getting the shirt that was on my wish list, but... they're all sold out! They even sold out of some other items I was looking at too... I guess everybody has similar tastes. Wackness.


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