Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Monday... a busybusy day to end a busybusy weekend.

I woke up Monday morning at 7:00AM thinking I had to work at 7:45AM to cover a friend's shift (he's taking a final). After doing my usual routine, I marched off to work to find only that another co-worker wanted to work my friend's hours because she needed the $$$. Under most normal circumstances, I might have been pissed considering my poor body was roused at the unholy 7:00AM hour, but being it Christmas, I was in a good mood, and that I was friends with the co-worker who needed the hours, I let it all slide. I pretty much walked all the way back home, showered, changed back into my PJs, and jumped back into bed. heh...

At about 12:00PM, I got back up to go pick up Shiv's car at the preschool to drive Angel's friend, Steven, to downtown Seattle to site-see and shop. Steve crashed at my apartment the previous night, so I didn't really mind and plus, after getting to know him better, I didn't think of it as a chore... more like helping out a friend. The actual goal of the trip was a pilgrimage to the birthplace (AKA first store) of the corporate coffee monster known as "Starbucks". I myself had no idea of really where it was, so I had to look up an address online at NW Source.

Unbeknownst to myself, the first Starbucks is actually located in Pike Place Market. Steve and I managed to find some cheap parking ($4) near Cheesecake Factory and Niketown, so we hiked down the hill to the public market and puttered around for awhile at the first Starbucks (got coffee) and the usual Pike Place highlights (flying fish market, metal pig). Then we walked to Pacific Place, looked around, and had lunch at Gordon Biersch, where Steve generously treated me and we got to just talk story about our lives. Good deal. Around 4:00PM, we went back to the garage and I drove him to Helen Ono's workplace at Emerald City Outreach Ministries.

The evening was pretty laidback... I came back to the apartment and watched TV with Shiv... first cartoons, then a wacky episode of "The Weakest Link", a re-make of "A Miracle of 34th (?) Street", and "Sleepless in Seattle". Not a lot of activity, but I sensed that work at the preschool had drained Shiv's energy, since she had to work more early and stay much more late. It's tough, especially since Christmas is nearing so fast and she still has to work. I know she misses her family, being away from them, and yet at the same time, I find I myself don't miss my family that much. Not that our situations compare, with my family living in this area, but still... it's strange, but I guess I don't feel like explaining it now. More later, I suppose.


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