Friday, December 21, 2001
"It's A Wonderful Life"...

... and I just watched the classic Jimmy Stewart movie again with Shiv. She'd never seen it before, so I figured it was my duty to make sure she's seen one of the best movies of all time, heh. =)

I must have seen that movie over a dozen different times, but each time, it seems it always brings me back to being thankful for the things, or more accurately, the people, that are in my life. To be honest, these past few days, I haven't been feeling the greatest about my life and where it stands right now. Maybe it's because I've been occupying my mind with all the things that I don't have, rather than the things that I do. I know, sounds corny, but how easy it is to forget in this day and age...

Afterall, isn't that what the modern world is built on? The creation of want of things we don't have and don't need, and especially, can't afford? The fast growing religion in America... SELF-ism.

But 'nuff of that... funny how Christmas is almost like Thanksgiving, part two... being thankful for people, and most of all, the coming of Christ, gift of gifts. Good stuff. Fortunately for me, the events of today have pointed to me to that rather than my own sorrows.

Did I mention my friend Mel gave me a totally unique gift? That was cool too.


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