Thursday, December 20, 2001
I got this forward from a friend... it's pretty funny, especially if you can imagine somebody saying it in the "local" dialect...

(AKA The Night Before Christmas, Hawaiian pidgin style)

Wuz da nite befo Christmas an from hea to Wailuku,
No creetcha wuz stirrin, not even one uku.
Da Keikis wen snuggle down safe in da beds,
Big dreams of tofuti wen dance tru dey heads.

An me wid my Primo an Ma wid her poi,
We jus settle down fo talk story...wen Ho Boy!
One awful big clattah come from da lanai,
I tink maybe coconuts wen fall from da sky!
I wen jump up so fas I knock ova da chaia
I wen run to da windo to see what stay dea.

All ova da beach da kine silva moonlight
On da sand an da sea it shinin so bright,
I can see all da tings on da shoah plenty clea,
An I see sumtin out dea dat stay mo plenty quea!
One tiny surfboard lyin der on da groun
An eight tiny sea horses jus swimmin aroun

An one little ol surfah so lively, so quick...
I wen tink to myself, "Ey, brah! Dat Saint Nick!"
He wuz chubby an jolly, da kine roly poly,
An dressed all in fur fro da chin to okole.
He had one white beard an one little roun belly
Dat went shake when he laugh like Tutu's guava jelly.
He wastin no time, brah, he wen put down da sack
Dat wuz big as one mountain slung up on his back.
He got plenty good tings for all da keiki
An he wen pile dem unda da coconut tree.
He work an he work an he neva pau hana
Til he put someting der fo all da o'hana.

He wen give me one wink an one shaka, an...pau!
Da seahorses dey know it come time fo go now!
He wen pick up da board an go run to da ocean,
He wen harness da team an he set em in motion.
Mo fasta dan outrigga dem seahorses dey swum
He wen whistle an shout an call em each one...
"Go Kimo, Go Noni! Gettum Kipo an Lani!
Go Kona, go Pua! Geevum Kiki an Nani"
To da cres of da wave, tru da foam an da spray,
Dey swimmin like crazy, dey goin away!
Til all I wen see on da wata out fah,
Wuz one twinkle of light like one small kine stah.
But I hea ol Nick go holla cross da sea,
"Mele Kalikimaka to all and Aloha to Hawai'i!"

-written by unknown


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