Sunday, December 30, 2001
F o o d... c o m a...

It's late Sunday afternoon and I'm not feeling too hot. No, I'm not hungover, despite the fact that it was my birthday on Friday, and I went to Canada yesterday... yes, blame Canada! hahaha

Actually, Saturday was a blast, even if it started with a crappy wake-up call at 8:00AM. Mr. AT&T cable man had to come by and install cable modem at my apartment so I would not longer have to endure the pain of dial-up ('cause broadband rules!). But I digress. I rode with my friend Ray as a part of 12-person, 3 car caravan all the way up to Vancouver, BC. There we made the usual rounds - downtown Chinatown, restaurant for dinner, sticker pic arcade, and Jack's Loft for bulba cha. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a routine Canadian excursion, except dinner was GREAT.

We ate at place called "Shabusen", where the menu is all-u-can-eat Chinese / Japanese / Korean. You pick two and here's the kicker: You get to cook some of the food right at your own table, where there are built-in gas stoves. The group chose to eat Korean BBQ / Japanese sushi and yes... I made out like a T-Rex in a petting zoo, proceeding to consumer mass quantities of kalbi (Korean shortribs), sushi, sashimi, and Jasmine tea. I was happy with both the quantity and quality of food... quite good.

Of course, today, I'm paying for it. I woke up this morning with a pretty quesy stomache and a very scratchy throat... so I didn't go to church. I didn't get sick in Canada, I've actually been battling a cold for the past few days, but yesterday's eating-free-for-all probably didn't help. Time to make some tea, take a nap, and call for white-cell reinforcements in my battle-weary body. heh =)

On a completely related note, I joined a webring called Rice Bowl Journals, a collection of other online BLOGS of the evolving Asiatic experience. I'm actually featured as the newest member, whoooohooo! Hopefully, my time as "newest member" won't be half as wacky as my time as "member of the week on Asian Avenue" hahaha.


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