Monday, December 24, 2001
Christmas Eve...

Well, it's officially Christmas Eve, but I still consider it Sunday night. It's been a long, long day... I just got back from Chris' house, where a bunch of us were hanging out after seeing "Lord of the Rings". Most people say the movie is too long, but I didn't seem to notice. Maybe it was the nap I took before the movie as my Mom drove up, because she wanted to see Auntie Nancy, Chris' Mom.

It's all a side note, though... the main event of the day was Shiv leaving to go visit her family for Christmas in San Jose. Saying goodbye for only two weeks should be easy, but it was harder for me than I thought. I guess feelings can be strange like that. They tend to have a life and logic all to themselves. In any case, I think the vacation will be good for her, even if I miss her. Her family is very important to her, so I couldn't imagine her not going home to visit.

So begins my two weeks of doing nothing... whooohooo!


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