Saturday, December 15, 2001
Busy busy weekend... a lot of stuff is going on this weekend, when I find odd now that I've endured another quarter of agony-inducing finals. Two friends are up visiting from Cali... my friend Angel from UC-Irvine AACF, whose online conversation and sage advice I've enjoyed these past couple of years; and Kirk, a really laidback guy I met on my trip to Brasil two summers ago. Throw in the Maplewood Fam Christmas party, back-to-back choir concerts, and last minute Christmas details... lots of fun.

It's pretty early in the morning, and yet, I find it difficult to go to sleep. I suppose a part of me wants to relish every second of my freedom from work and school, no matter how unwisely I'm spending it right now. I re-vamped my old links page, removing the useless content (bad links, pseudo-award-age, etc) to make it basically a list of the sites I visit most frequently when I'm online. I actually go the idea from Abe, since I noticed that his compu, he's made his UW webpage his "true" homepage - the page that loads up everytime he opens his browser. I thought it was a good idea, considering amount of time I myself waste... heh.

Time, time... thoughts of my rapidly approaching 23rd birthday are already on the outer rim of the galaxy of my consciousness. Holidays always seem to involuntarily induce a slight melancholy in me, as much as I love the season... the reflection of Christ's birth, the giving of gifts to loved ones, the singing, the winter weather, etc. I guess thoughts of my father always come to mind, since the more I become older, I wonder how much I'm like / not like him. Except for March & Easter, December & my birthday tend to be the times I think about him the most. In fact, thoughts of my family weigh pretty heavily on mind, especially in light of the events of this year. I'm sure things must be different for my Mom, considering that her mother's birthday was this month as well. Hmmm.

I guess a personal ritual during my birthday is always a sort of mental evaluation of where I think my life is headed. As I'm about to leave college, I sense I'll be diving in to the murky depths of unforeseen circumstance again, waiting for a sign of where exactly it is that God intends me to be, especially career-wise. Though I enjoy ministry activities a lot (AWANA, choir, etc.) I sense God is calling me to the "real work" world right now, even if it's just a short period of time. I think having that experience is important in order to appreciate a variety of other things, but especially the sort of "unconventional" life that is often created in the pursuit of sincere faith. I know people who've gone into full-time ministry, missions work, off to study at seminary... and though I see a lot of good things happening in the lives of friends around me, I'm not sure those things are things God has ordained me to include in my own life, especially ministry-work. The words seem to not come to now, but I suppose a less vague sort of entry is in order to explain my thinking on my life right now...



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