Thursday, December 06, 2001
Binary Star is great. Some of their lyrics that in my head right now...

Dig - Imma put it on the table/ I ain't a thug n*gga and playa, I ain't playful
I'm just Senim Silla, man without label/ Standin' on my own to you tryin' to stay stable
Speakin' what I know to only what I'm able
I ain't the kinda guy who carry on for dough/ The material cat who walk around for show
I'm just your everyday, merry way joe-on-the-go/ While others go with the flow
I ain't never been the one to follow trend, I do my own bit
Can't keep up with the Joneses, I'm on my own sh**
I don't care what you drink/ What you stress, how you dress, or where you got the link
I ain't impressed
These lames run around like mice in a maze/ Tryin' to get up on cheese, it's just a rat race
Wanna change times' schemes to make man worship things/ Over the supreme being, or stop, fill up?
Should I join the hypocrites?
Or side with the suckas by choice/ It makes no difference that y'all product of environment
It's just coincidence/ The world's a violent place baby, there ain't no more innocence
Or civil men or penitence, just ignorance cats dunno know right from wrong
They mimic sh** they see on TV or hear in a song
What that tell you they on?
A sucka act up every minute
The righteous live on but the the n****s are infinite...

Download the song, "Honest Expression", here.


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