Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Well, I spent a weekend of meeting and seeing family. Uncle Wil's wake and funeral were very touching, and it was amazing to see how many lives he touched. I also got to learn several things about him that I never knew before - how he served in the US Army during the Korean War and recieved 5 bronze stars; how he didn't become a Christian until his mid-forties; those small details he never mentioned. The scope of just one person's life can be staggering...

In my case, it's back to classes and work. After a weekend of talking, eating, and grieving, Shiv helped to ease the transition with some homemade curry stew. Perfect food for a cold day. Speaking of food, Dave and I are in charge of tonight's apartment dinner. We're making yakisoba, 102-style... heh. Dave went on a late night grocery run and we actually prepared most of the ingredients last night. I can't wait to leave work and eat... arrrrrrrrrgh

Oh yeah... I'm supposed to give my testimony tomorrow at AACF. I said yes, but then again... it was before I heard about Uncle Wil. I guess I had something else in mind to share, but since that happened... well, I guess I'm struggling to say something that is honest AND encouraging at the same time. Maybe it's that I just don't feel particularly insightful right now. Sigh...


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