Wednesday, November 07, 2001
Well, the busy-ness continues...

I had a midterm in HRMOB this morning at 10:30 that I finished relatively quickly... it just a little over a half hour for a two hour class. For some reason, tests in that class never take me too long, but at the same time, the speed at which I have been finishing the tests hasn't been much of an indicator of actually how well I did. Hmmm.

On a completely random note, it's been a day of much money spend-age. I wrote a fatty check last night to Dave for the rent/monthly bills that was about a half a grand. I also treated my group members out to lunch today because I felt bad about missing our meeting from last week and the two of them ended up doing a lot of the work. Stopped by Tower after the lunch and bought a Gundam action figure for $2 (Char's Zaku II, with 3 guns and a heat axe, whooo). To top it off, I even bought a $5 ticket for a church charity breakfast for abused/abandoned children from some stranger on the street. Shoot, the breakfast isn't even until January!

Good thing I get paid this Friday...


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