Thursday, November 22, 2001
It's the morning of Thanksgiving... whoohoo!

Well, Sushi Night for AACF was a blast... a mess of rice, nori, and fried spam. They were planning for only 40 people, but somehow about over 60 people showed up! It was a nutty, all those people crammed into poor Jermaine's small house. Still, it was coo meeting so many new peoples, and seeing some surprise old fogies come to visit to - Grace, Gary, and Jimmy.

Thankful, thankful... I have to admit, that even in the face of the all that's been going on these past three months... the deaths in the family, the troubles with school and finding a job... I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Actually, I take that back... I'm thankful to God not so much for things (as much as I love my computer & MD player), as I am for people. I have much to thank God for...

I'm thankful for my mother and a loving extended family... (food & a constant presence)
I'm thankful for Shiv... (smile & a caring heart sees the boy in the cynic)
I'm thankful for a loving church family and AACF... (support & a willingness to help me grow)
I'm thankful for a fun set of apartment life peeps... (mo' laughs than a re-run of Friday)
I'm even thankful for the students whom I'm in project groups with... (understanding senior-itis)

All praises to the Most High... the Healer of every hurt, the Provider of every need, the Listener of every cry, the Forgiver of every sin, the Redeemer of every person, and the Lord of life itself. I give thanks. =)


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