Tuesday, October 30, 2001
Work and school right now are generating equal amounts of suck-age. Or maybe it's just because Tuesday happens to be a long day for today. Or maybe, it's the impending doom I'm feeling for my midterm on Thursday. Whoohooo.

Tomorrow should be fun at least. I always enjoy service night at AACF. We'll be at Keiro nursing home again, but with an added twist... we're all going to be dressed up in costumes. On one hand, I'm sure it'll be funny and interesting to see what everybody dresses up like... on otherhand, it might be just a little bit too weird for me...

What will I be dressed like? Nothing too wacky... just me in kendo gear. I'm on the left side. Hopefully everything still fits... it's been awhile since I was in fighting form, hahahahaha. =)


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