Tuesday, October 02, 2001
The second of school. ooh.

Today's collection of classes were no worst then yesterday's, but they did have the added bonus of being classes where I actually have friends. Friends are definitely a nice thing to have in a class. Makes the time pass by quicker. Right now, I'm working the good 'ol window at the media center too. I guess that now that I have some sort of pattern, I should feel some normalcy... but I don't. Maybe it's graduation anxiety, maybe it's the current national chaos, or maybe it's just my life in general. Things keep popping up that seem to interfere with me having the sort of life I want.

My mother called a bunch of times yesterday and left a slew of messages. I, of course, was unreachable at the moment because of school, then work, then helping Simon with a flyer for AACF / playing TacOps at the computer lab. When I finally got back home last night, it turns out that my other grandma (my paternal grandmother) passed away. Or to be technical, my step-grandmother... A-Ma was grandpa's second wife after my real grandmother had died while my father was young. I'm sad, but not in the same way as when my PoPo died. Maybe it's because her death is such in close proximity to PoPo's, or maybe it's because I wasn't as close to her as I was to PoPo. I dunno.

In a way, I guess it's good since this whole past year, she's been in a lot of pain. Her right leg was amputated just below the knee because of an infection and I don't think she was the same since. It was sad because the infection could have been treated without amputation, but my grandma stubbornly refused treatment by Western doctors and went to see some Chinese medicine guy instead. The medicine guy must not have been very good, because by the time the Western doctors treated her again, the only way to save part of her leg was to amputate it just below the knee. She was a stubborn lady, but I guess that's a Chan family trait she had, if I'm not her blood relative. That and I remember she used to always know the all the good Chinese restaurants. According to the family, she became a Christian because my father talked to her after my grandpa passed. At least she's in heaven now, free of the burden her body was placing on her toward the end.

Bye, A-Ma... take care. I'm sure Heaven has some good places to eat...


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