Saturday, October 27, 2001
Haven't made an entry in a little while, so I guess a summary of the week's events is in order.

Things have been pretty crazy since I got back from the retreat. While I found the retreat to be of great relief spiritually and emotionally, I came back to school and work with a buttload of things to do since I put them off for the weekend... heh. Luckily, in the madness of it all, Shiv was there to help me check myself and remind me that there's more to life than the chaos of present situation. Plus, treating me out dinner at a nice Thai joint didn't hurt either. =)

Wednesday at AACF, Pastor Wayne Ogimachi from Lighthouse came to speak on "Finding our Purpose In Christ". Needless to say, it was a great message and I felt blessed to hear it. I don't what is about Pastor Wayne, but he just is able to let God speak out in his sermons. His messages always seem so straightforward, practical, and insightful... it's uncanny! I hear rumors in the grapevine that the Co-Hi planning committee has him as a possible candidate for speaker. Definitely a reason to go to Co-Hi if you ask me...

Thursday, I gave my presentation for my BCMU class on "Chinese Dining Etiquette". It went OK, except for one detail... I went waaaaaaay over my time limit. Crap.

Friday, I went with Shiv and the rest of FISH to this cornfield maze out in the middle of the boonies of Snohomish. It was cold and pouring rain, but I found it strangely amusing, in a sort of "I'm-running-through-the-mud-and-brush-like-an-american-GI-being-chased-by-the-VC" kinda way. I got drenched, my shoes and socks got mud-ified to the ten hells power.

It's all good though.


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