Saturday, July 15, 2006
beginnings, endings, comings, goings

It's been an interesting week. As I imagined, since my proposal on Monday things have been busy. My fiancee, being the well-organized lady she is, has already got me working on several things for the wedding, including finding an officiant (helps to have a great ex-roommate) and a photographer (same company who did our family portraits). We also already visited a potential place for our reception.

Yep, things move very quickly... crazy...

This past week was also the farewell party for my friend D-Matsuda, who's going to Kazakhstan for a year to teach with a non-profit organization. I'm excited for him, and at the same time, the atmosphere of the party also brought back memories of what it was like for myself to leave for a year to go Japan - that strange mix of nervousness, anticipation, and hope. I really wish him the best.

On the same day, I attended a BBQ that my cohort at Seattle U held for their official last day of class. Though I'm not graduating with them, I was given a mock petition filled with signatures asking me to come, and I couldn't refuse. It's only been about a year since we all began the program together, but the group as a whole really did form a special bond and I really will miss them, especially next year when I have to finish the program as a part of another cohort. I enjoyed eating, talking with everyone there, but the most touching thing I received was a folder of letters / notes that people in my elementary ed cohort had written to me - apparently, everyone in the elementary ed cohort had exchanged letters of encouragement with each other and they made one for me too, even though I couldn't be with them... (*man tear*)

Chris' wedding is next week, and another member of our (infamous) childhood triumvirate will have fallen from bachelorhood. I guess I'm last on the block. ;)

I can't believe the summer's almost half over.


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