Friday, December 30, 2005

I meant to put an after action report of my 27th birthday festivities up sooner, but I spent most of yesterday morning recovering from several nice things: all the tasty Japanese food I ate at Fuji Sushi (I had a house special bento); the entire 12oz bottle of sake I consumed myself while eating the sushi (thx Josh); late-night karaoke at at Ryan & Siska's house with a rented machine (thx Shiv, Ryan, & Siska); and dessert plus several bottles of wine (thx everyone).

In any case... pics.

A table of friends just chillin'. We occupied 3 tables in a row... packed night at the place. Who would have thought Wednesday nights were busy?

Lil' sister and her partner-in-crime, Nak.

Ryan and I tearin' up the mic for a rendition of the Marvin Gaye classic, Let's Get It On. One of my many crimes against pop music that I committed that night while under influence of alcohol.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I can only speculate that after one sip of wine, Chris is no longer able to hold a microphone by himself while singing. Olivia struggles in vain to take the glass away.

Girls just wanna have fun while singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

I can barely see the "27" in this potential forest-fire of candles. Mmm, chocolate cake.


LOST interview

"We do live in a world that is populated by people who are other than white. We are using the medium of television to make that clear to the Hollywood studio system, which is inherently racist and always has been. There is a different kind of reality to be portrayed � and it's the real one."

"In (Sayid), we were all pretty nervous in the sense that we all felt we owed a real obligation, not just to Iraqis but the entire Arab world about how this character would be played. One of the biggest kicks was getting a letter from the Arab League saying how pleased they were about this. It was the first time they had seen an Arab character like that on TV. He's romantic, and not just to other Arab women but to white women as well, which is a big no-no in Hollywood. It's all right for a white geezer to be with a black woman or a Chinese woman, but never the other way around. And we do that on this show. That's what we need to see more of." -Naveen Andrews

Got the link from AngryAsianMan of an awesome interview with Naveen Andrews (AKA 'Sayid'), who doesn't pull any punches when talking about topics like racism, sexism, domestic violence, and hypocrisy. Hell yeah.

My respect for him grows.


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