Saturday, December 31, 2005
not antisocial, just pro-solitude

How fitting.


The Hermit Card

You are the Hermit card. The Hermit has chosen a
solitary spiritual path. He shines light on his
inner self and, by this means, gains wisdom.
The Hermit's home is the natural world and it
is by being in tune with that world that he
learns the laws of nature and learn how they
operate within himself. His path is a lonely
one as he lives in silence and has for
companionship only his own internal rhythms.
But those crossing his path are touched by his
light and wisdom. Though often alone, he
manages nevertheless to instruct those who meet
him and guides those who chose to follow him on
a path towards enlightenment.

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I don't believe in Tarot cards (whose interesting history is entwined with modern playing cards, AKA the 52 card deck), but there's no harm in the amusement of an online quiz. I think anybody who's wise enough to know and experienced certain things in life understands that the future isn't easily forecasted by the shuffle and draw from the deck. We can only wish.

Bye-bye 2005... hello 2006.


wth! I took the quiz and it says I'm the Devil card...
mel- you're the devil?! haha.
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