Thursday, August 04, 2005
hit play and zone out

The new desktop.

I don't have a shuffle (I'd rather carry 40x the music, heh), but I do like the combination of Samurai Champloo and the spoof of the distinct Apple advertising style. And the character of Mugen doing a capoeira / B-boy windmill is cool.

Still grinding away at the remainder of my grad school work.

I guess it wouldn't be so time-consuming if I wasn't such a perfectionist about stupid details like cropping weird colored borders on pictures of the maps or trying to write prose on a completely direct question like "Why is it important to know where places are in the world?"... but still I do.

Ever since I heard that sermon on "the flaw in perfectionism" on the trip with my family to my cousin Hillary's wedding back in June, it's be in the back of mind - how I can completely laidback about most things, but on other things, I hide a perfectionistic streak.

Aiyah. O_o


At least there's music to keep me working... my latest random music find came off AudioScrobbler:

Daphne Loves Derby.

Funny name, huh? I'm not huge indie rock expert or anything, but I do know what I like and I dig their music - especially the low-key, acoustic sound of "Simple Starving to Be Home", "Part of My Past", and "Midnight Highway". Download 'em off their site and give 'em a listen.

Other reasons to like them include...

1) They're from Seattle, specifically Kent. Nothing good ever comes from here, so the fact that they're good is all the more nutty. I should know, I grew up around here.

2) The lead singer is Asian American (Korean). And he can sing. Nice.


oh yeah, i heard about these guys from one of my students...
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