Thursday, January 27, 2005
still raising a stink

The struggle continues with HOT97... the latest updates are that several live protests are being planned, and other major corporate sponsors, Toyota and Coca-Cola, have dropped their ad support. Boo yeah!

If you want to hurt a corporate media outlet, you always have to go straight to the advertisers. Money talks, baby.

Many people (like davephonic) have also raised the valid point that this issue is not just about HOT97's show, or even the culture of "shock jock" radio - the issue itself is about increasing wack culture of corporate media. Corporations are a necessary part of our financial system, but their consistent behavior in race-baiting (framing the issue now as "Black vs Asian"), payola (songs being played because of $$$, not quality), misguding the public (*cough* Iraq *cough*)... e v i l. Turn off your radios and your televisions. Turn on your brains.

Keep checking for the latest updates. AngryAsianMan seems to be down right now... what's up with that?


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