Sunday, January 09, 2005
don't test me

I've been awake since about 5:30 AM this morning (technically Saturday) because I had to drag myself up to SPU to take the Praxis II exam - all a part of my new quest to attend graduate school around this coming September. The Praxis II exam is a requirement for the graduate schools in education I'm interested in attending - the 2 hour exam is a basic test of all the knowledge a child should learn between grades K-8, and is divided into 4 sections: Reading Comprehension, Mathemathics, History/Social Studies, and Science.

The testing site asked that I arrive at campus at 7:30AM for the test, and given the driving distance between my house and the campus, I thought it better safe than sorry... especially considering my blundering of the situation already. I had pretty much completely forgotten about the test until Shiv reminded me.

By divine providence, I located the testing site building by following a gaggle of women - I assumed they were there to take the exam too and I was right. When I sat down in my particular classroom, a quick headcount of the 42 people there (7 rows of 6 seats) showed that there were only 5 men (including myself). And by far, everyone was white except for about 6 people (including myself). That's right... the future elementary and junior high school teachers of America are probably all going to be white women.

I can see the posters of Oprah and Hillary Clinton being plastered on the walls already.

Anyways, the test wasn't too bad... I breezed through the reading, history, and science sections in just over a half-hour, only stumbling over a obscure question related to the EARLY womens' civil rights movement (and by early, I mean pre-Civil War!) I did manage to guess the right answer... I checked it on Google.

Being math-impaired, I knew the math section would take more time, and it did... all because I forgot to bring a calculator to the test! I had to do all the calculations with pencil in the test book margins (they don't provide scrap paper) and that section by itself almost consumed an hour. The worst questions were the calculations involving circles and pi. Doh.

I'm hoping like Shiv and Steph that I passed. Given the number of idiot procrastinator mistakes I've made leading up to the test, I should consider myself blessed.

I suppose the dumbass mistakes I make are like bright yellow post-it notes from God:
Hey Garrett, please don't forget to practice some humililty.



Been watching a lot of movies and catching up these past couple months since my return from Japan... recent views:

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (thanks Moi)
Coach Carter (thanks Moi)
Meet the Fockers (took out the Moms)
Resident Evil Resurrection
Napoleon Dynamite
Ocean's 12 (today with Shiv, Che, and Jason)

Still gotta/wanna catch:

Garden State
Aliens vs Predator
Finding Neverland
Shrek 2
The Merchant of Venice

Being the cheapskate I am, I'll probably wait to see them all on DVD. Big action movies or special indie films are the only ones I usually feel are worth paying to see on the big screen. The innoculation of American pop culture is almost too much to bear... ahhhhhhh


you gotta watch the Incredibles! i caught it a few days ago and it was one of the best flicks i've seen in ages... But then again, the last movie i watched was SWAT... or Bad Boys II or something... so i guess it's been a while.. o_O
oh yeah and by the way, good luck on the exam too. i'm sure you did fine ^_^
Finding Neverland, great flick. Definitely lived up to the praise it got. I hardly ever get teary eyed after a flick, but this one got the faucet on the *verge* of leaking. Very spiritually gripping. I'd love to hear your insights on this one.
Thanks for the recommendations, guys... I'll be sure to check 'em out. =)
you can watch troy and dodgeball at our house cause i have them both, but watch dodgeball soon so that i can return it and then borrow the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i totally forgot about wanting to see it until i saw it on your list. oh yeah, and thanks for the "tumbleweeds"... =o)
i have garden state and shrek 2 :)
kk & steph - thanks! now I don't have to use BitTorrent... heh heh =)
Evening Magazine says that Hotel Rhwanda is a good movie. It shows the best and worst parts of humanity. Some disturbing scenes also, but when you have a movie about a massacre and a guy saving people from that massacre, it's going to get disturbing at some points.
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