Thursday, November 06, 2003
All things that start, must end...

So I saw the final Matrix movie today here in Japan... I was super excited to go. I liked the movie, but I have to be honest when I say that it felt like the weakest movie of the trilogy... doh. Why is it that the third movie of many trilogies is always the weakest? Star Wars trilogy, Godfather trilogy...

Things I liked about the movie: action/fight sequences, computer special effects, continuing Neo-Trinity relationship.

Things I didn't like about the movie: dialogue, minor characters given too much screen time, and *gasp* the end of the storyline!

So many loose ends that were hinted at in The Matrix Reloaded were left unfinished... *sniff*. The Matrix Revolutions is still an above average movie, but given my expectations... I guess some disappointment is inevitable. I liked Revolutions. But it left me feeling unsatisfied at the end. Do I smell another sequel? A director's cut DVD with crucial missing scenes that wrap up the loose ends? Ah, the world will never know. Still, if you're a Matrix fan, it's still worth a watch...

I do feel an itch to buy Reloaded on DVD now, though... so I can dissect that movie some more too.

The best way I can illustrate my feelings about Revolutions:

It's like eating a delicious meal... but a meal with portions sized for a child, instead of a grown adult. Left me wanting more... like some seconds or thirds, ya know?

Speaking of food, I had some grand Indian food post-movie with the guys I went with to the movie. My first Indian food in Japan and it was delicious... I ordered some seafood peanut curry and of course, nan. Hit the spot, straight away...

Back to work tomorrow...


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