Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Out and about...

My friend Steven, who I met last December 18th, is crashing at my house right now with his friend Christine. He got some time off from work, so he drove up from the Bay Area with her to visit Seattle. They got in town about 11:30AM this morning, after leaving the BA around 8:30PM... I guess they would have arrived a little sooner, but they had some road trouble - flat tire on the rental car.

We had a busy day of site seeing and eating since Christine has never been to Seattle. After eating lunch at my favorite local teriyaki joint, Miako's, we visited Helen at her work at ECOM. After a little chit-chat, we then dashed to Pike Place's, the first Starbuck's, Westlake, and Pacific Place. If this all sounds familar, yep it's pretty much a repeat of the tour I gave Steven last year, hahaha. It's all good, though... I don't mind. Downtown Seattle is pretty nice area and I don't get to visit it much. I was hoping that if I had gotten that job at Deloitte, I woulda gotten a chance to get to know all better, but... oh well, eh?

Anyways, Steven and Christine kindly treated me to dinner at Goron Biersch (sp?) at Pacific Place, and even better, Shiv and Helen joined us to. I was still pretty stuffed from Miako's, so I had some Italian sausage pizza and a B-52 coffee... been a loooooong time since I had one of those. Nothing like a little Bailey's, Kahlua, and whip cream to spice up an ol' cup of Joe. Yum.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what we're doing... ought to be fun, though.


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