Monday, February 25, 2002
Today was a busy day... spent nearly 12 whole hours there, and *whew*... a lot got done. Besides the my usual activities (worship service and choir practice), today was of course, the CoHi Pre-Rally. After all the anticipation, trepidation, and prayer-ification (heh), it went off with off a single hitch, snag, or unfortunate circumstance. It was a packed house, and Dave & May were right on point casting the vision,... worship was deep, sincere and powerful (done by the incrediblely talented King's Fools) Praise God!

And of course... the videos played out just fine. I'm thankful for all the work by all the actors/actresses, none of whom were difficult to work with or were primadonnas at all. (props to Jon, Mel Ok, Simo, Dave, Abe, May, Mel Lu, Steph, & Shiv... I'm sure you'll be in more videos, heh). Chong and I ought to be proud - I suppose we'll never be able to rest from making videos... ever again! hahhahahaa. ;)

Another late night posting, but oh well... I guess I've just needed this time to reflect and process God's blessings on myself and others, as well as re-convict myself about being passionate about God and letting my service to Him flow from that passion. Good stuff.... yep.

Random Note:

A recent series of articles have been released concerning safety issues with "passive exercise devices" (them things you see on TV that run electrical currents through your body). The FDA has even released a series of warnings about them, suggesting that in the least, they don't have any effect on the body... at worst, some studies suggest prolonged use of these things can seriously mess up your health (ie, loss of muscle control) Of course, anybody who knows something about the human body could probably figure out that running too much electrical current through your body screws with the receptivity of your muscles to the natural electrical impulses of the nervous system... I mean, even kids are taught not to stick forks in the light sockets! Of course, there are legit uses... most doctors would point to cases where people who have had severe spinal cord injuries have used electrotherapy with some limit results (mostly muscle stimulation/atrophy fighting).

Did I mention my friend Forrest swears by these things? Of course, he also told me he'd dunk a basketball one day after a year-long "hops" developing program... heh heh =)

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