Friday, February 08, 2002
I dropped Shiv off at SeaTac today for her flight to Salt Lake City and her Olympic adventure with her family. I hope she has a great time. In the meantime, yours truly is doing the usual... making tapes at the media center and being bored...


no worries 'bout work except post-graduate employment/
U-Dub send'n me out like the US Navy deploys ships/
launched out to real world water to fight in a war/
I'm looking for a job and like Ed Norton, I want the SCORE/
a job that means something that pays more than nothing/
career bastards think Imma turkey ripe for the stuffing/
no unpaid internships and all that pro-bono work/
the reason it's "BONE-O" is they think I'm a fool they can jerk/
life's more than money, it's truth without a doubt/
but no man can raise a family going the unemployed route/
so until I find what I want, I'll still keep on lookin'/
even if I have to go on the Ave and start teriyaki cookin'...


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